Stockroom Supervisor -Starting Wage $15.71 commensurate w/experience

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To organize receiving systems in keeping with best practices, process designated orders, and direct stocking to ensure accountability for receiving invoices, pricing and security of inventory, and efficiency, and to provide prompt, friendly, courteous customer service. 


I. General

  •  Follow the Core Values as defined by EEFC's Core Value statement.
  •  Provide exemplary customer service to both customers and staff.
  •  Accurately communicate what the Co-op is and the process for becoming a member.
  •  Familiarity with store layout, products, and services.
  •  Familiarity and understanding of emergency procedures.
  •  Stay up to date with current storewide and departmental communications, policies, notices, and logs.
  •  Abide by Co-op policies as delineated in the Employee Handbook.
  •  Willingness and ability to learn to meet the changing needs and requirements of the job.

II. Supervisory

  •  Perform floor monitoring duties.
  •  Oversee department staff members and direct as needed.
  •  Assist the manager with hiring, training, and evaluating.
  •  Work with departmental manager to ensure that all disciplinary actions are properly handled and documented following established policy.
  •  Maintain confidentiality.
  •  Troubleshoot equipment breakdowns using established departmental procedures. 
  •  Model a superior and professional work ethic by following/upholding policies consistently as outlined in the Employee Handbook and the Supervisor’s Code of Conduct.
  •  Make judgment calls as necessary to assure the welfare of customers, the staff and the store.
  •  Share customer feedback with appropriate department managers.
  •  Perform other tasks as assigned by the departmental manager.

III. Departmental  - Maintenance

  •  Ensure that grocery departments are fully stocked, rotated, and cleaned.
  •  Oversee stock team in stocking and cleaning for day and evening shifts.
  •  Ensure that stock team verifies invoices and places damages or miss-picks in the assigned area.
  •  Maintain retail and backstock areas for all grocery departments in clean, orderly condition, meeting health department standards.
  •  Coordinate storage for miss-picks and damaged items and storage of items to be returned to suppliers.  Keep accurate records of shrink.
  •  Coordinate and maintain department equipment.
  •  Participate in quarterly inventory counts. 
  •  Maintain stockroom supplies.
  •  Provide frequent feedback to Department Coordinators on customer requests, product issues and all other relevant department information.

IV. Departmental – Processing Orders

  •  Unload delivery trucks.  Sign for deliveries with appropriate adjustments noted on invoice.
  •  Check deliveries to verify piece count, damages, or unacceptable quality & notify Coordinators of problems.
  •  Follow documented Receiving Procedures for Inventory Management.
  •  Coordinate returns, ensuring that returned items get back to appropriate suppliers in a timely manner.
  •  Call suppliers for credit on designated orders as assigned by Grocery Manager.
  •  Coordinate and process Special Orders.

V. Departmental – Personnel Management

  • Oversee schedule changes, swapped shifts, subbing, and cover call offs as needed.  Fill in for various positions as schedule requires.
  •  Organize and direct stock team meetings; attend Department Coordinators’ meetings.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  •  Ability to successfully master the varied and numerous tasks of the stock team.
  •  At least 5 years receiving experience.
  •  At least 3 years supervisory experience including hiring, training, evaluating, and directing.
  •  Demonstrated leadership potential, including the ability to take lead responsibility for the store while working.
  •  General mobility requirements include the ability to: stand or sit for several hours at a time; lift up to 50 lbs. alone on a regular basis and 75 lbs. with assistance using safe lifting techniques; twist, turn, squat, and bend; do repetitive motions; visually read fine print; visually read a computer screen for long periods of time; climb a ladder.
  •  The ability to handle and touch all different kinds of food.
  •  The ability to work in a fast paced environment which may include exposure to wet, humid, cold, or outdoor weather conditions.
  •  Able to produce quality work within the established deadlines.
  •  Retail or other experience serving the public.
  •  Must enjoy interacting with and serving the public. 
  •  Must have a friendly and outgoing personality and a positive attitude.
  •  Having experience and thorough knowledge of natural foods.
  •  Familiarity with organic and non-GMO products.
  •  Ability to handle multiple demands and stay calm.
  •  Accuracy and attention to detail.
  •  Organized and methodical in action.
  •  Excellent communication skills.
  •  Excellent trouble shooting skills.  Logical problem solving skills.
  •  Conflict resolution skills.
  • The ability to be reliable for regular scheduled shift work.
  •  The ability to work a flexible schedule.
  •  Willingness to work evenings, overnights, weekends, and holidays.
  •  Ability to keep accurate, up to date records.
  •  Experience developing systems and procedures.
  •  Experience with digital receiving systems. 
  •  Moderate proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and internet research skills.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

  • At least 7 years’ warehouse or receiving experience.
  • Natural foods industry experience.
  • Experience with food cooperatives.
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
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